söndag 8 september 2013


Sunday. We woke up late today. Beer, excitment, chock and everything else we dreamed about. Blood on the bedsheets from both of us. We look like an old couple taking care of each other with band aid, cleaning wounds and stuff. Guess that is a good thing.
Today we had not much to do, except for a challenge in the afternoon. Like in 2 hours.
We went to a mall in hope of getting a Burger King and some drugs for Conny. Got the drugs but not the burger. New Rickshaw and of again. Found a Dominos so we went for pizza. Good after just Indian food, vegeterian, for to long.

Back to the hotel and meet Pringley. The challenge was tro drive to Elliot Beach and get a reciept to prove it. Luckily it's sunday. Got there, dirty as usual and not at all inviting to take a swim.- Found the place we where looking for and took the receipt.
And back home to the hotel. Driving today was a bit nervous in the beginning but after a wwhile it was OK.
We even found our way back.
After that we just pimped our Rickshaw, stickers, and making us ready for tomorrow.
And yes, I checked the brakes today. And Rickshaw is all fixed too. We are ready.
Tomorrow we start 9:30 to drive out of Chennai. Since this is only a 9 000 000 people city it shouldnt be any problems.
Let you know if we get connection.
Conny is all happy I am all happy and it looks like  great, read scary, week ahead of us.

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